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Treasure Hunt App

Treasure Hunt App

Francesco Cotroneo
Android 2.3.3+

Product Description

There are a lot of unique and fun hobbies that different people have. While some of them are quite commonly opted for by everyone, some are more unique. Among such unique hobbies is the hobby of treasure hunting. This is easily one of the most exotic hobbies one could have. In fact, a lot of people who are fond of treasure hunting even adopt it as their part time or fulltime profession.

In the modern day, there are even certain mobile applications that help make the treasure hunting experience even more fun than it already is. Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is one of popular items in this regard.

What Is Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector? 

To start off, Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is an application that is developed in order to assist and enhance the treasure hunting experience, especially for the newbie. This application helps people in finding the most common places where you will be able to find metal. In addition to that, you will also be able to find out if you are near a metal, which makes the experience even more enticing.

What It Offers? 

Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is a mobile application and the first of its kind. With the help of a shared global map integrated within the app, you will be able to easily find places where the chances of getting hands on a certain metal are much higher. In other words, by using Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector, you will know the most commonly visited places where the chances of finding a metal are the highest. These are also the places where most treasure hunters prefer hunting metals.

While there are several things about this application that make it the one to use, there are certain features of it that tend to stand out from the others. With Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector, you will be able to not only track your position, but also the position of several other people who will be out there hunting for treasure.

This means that you will be able to see the location of other people online and where they are hunting for treasure. If there is a large concentration of hunters in the same vicinity, this means that that particular place has the highest chances of rewards. With the help of this application, you can also discover your own landmine of treasures.

Pre-requisites of the Application 

Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the application, and hover it over the expected areas and it will let you know if there is some metal that you need to dig up. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of prior to the use of this application. You need to firstly have a smartphone with a GPS.

In addition to that, you will need a moderate internet connection to work with, and lastly, you will be required to create an account. It must be noted that you can see your location and that of others without having to register in anything. This application allows for a completely free login.

How Does It Work? 

Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector uses a simple and easy graphic interface. This interface is quite intuitive as well. Basically, when you turn on the application, it uses the GPS—required to be turned on while the app is in use—in order to track your position as well as of others. With the use of this GPS as well as taking into consideration the previous tracks of treasure hunters, the application quickly guides you if there are any potentially metal-rich places nearby where you can hunt.

Features You Can Enjoy! 

Although Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is quite simple, it still offers enough to enhance your overall experience with it. Following are a few of the features that make this application worth using.

Share Your Findings 

There is nothing more satisfying than successfully digging something out from the ground and then sharing your findings with others. Fortunately, this application allows you to do that. When you detect a metal and find something, you can simply take a picture of that metallic item and display it online. All the other users around the world will be able to see what you have found.

The best part is that not only will Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector will publish your findings for others to see, but also allow them to give their input on your finding. In other words, experts using the application from around the world can comment about your findings and give you information about what you have found.

Quick and Easy 

To add to the convenience, advanced data compression algorithms have been used in this application. This allows the entire process of uploading the pictures, publishing it, and allowing others to share their views on your findings, to be done within a matter of seconds. In other words, the packets containing information that are sent back and forth are extremely small. This not only takes the least bit of time to send and receive media, but also allows for very little amount of data (MBs) to be spent in the process.

Access to New Information 

Another great feature that this application offers is that the users are able to cash in guidance from the professionals of the industry. As they post some contemporary information on potentially rich locations, you can quickly visit those locations and possibly get your hands on a great deal of findings. This will not only help the hobbyists, but also the professionals who are looking forward to take their career up a notch.

Limitations of the application 

Since this a fairly newer application, there are certain limitations that will be fixed with updates as well as following versions. As for the current version, the maps used are not very rich. Also bear in mind that this application is only concerned with letting you in on potential areas where you will be able to find metal, and to connect you with others following treasure hunting either as profession or hobby.

However, in order to actually go and work at a certain potential location, you will have to take permission of the property’s owner. You will also need to follow the laws and regulations of your country while using this application. Also ensure to keep the ‘sweeping’ button off while not on the research site.

This is important because keeping it on will result in recording of your position and its storage in a public database. This happens because the application will consider your movements as potential treasure hunting spots while the ‘sweeping’ button is on.

Treasure Hunt—Metal Detector is available both at iOS and Android stores for free.


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