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Android 4.0.3 and up

Metal detectors are one of the most useful gadgets of the modern world. While some use them for the security purposes, others use metal detectors for treasure hunting. Whichever your purpose of use is, the importance of metal detectors tends to remain.

Product Description

Metal detectors are one of the most useful gadgets of the modern world. While some use them for the security purposes, others use metal detectors for treasure hunting. Whichever your purpose of use is, the importance of metal detectors tends to remain.

If you are a metal detector user, you might know the importance of keeping a track of all your trails and findings. Apart from being an important task, it is also quite difficult to manage. This is where applications like Tect O Trak come in.

Tect O Trak 

This is a modern-day application, designed specifically keeping in mind the need of recording your metal detection chronicles. This application offers a great amount of ease in maintaining all of your metal-detection records.

Areas of Use 

There is a lot that you can do with Tect O Trak. Following are the ways in which this application is perfect to use.

Saving Search Sessions 

The first and the foremost benefit of using Tect O Trak is that you get to save your detailed metal detection search sessions. The best part is that you will be able to save information from the exact spot where you started off. In addition to that, if you have left it off at some place and want to resume recording your metal detection spree from that very spot at a later date, you can do that with Tect O Trak.

Keep Detailed Information 

Another benefit of using this application is that you can mark the different search spots for future reference. Furthermore, you will also be able to capture pictures and save them against the marked locations. You can also save pictures of your findings at a specific location. The application also offers a dedicated gallery in your cell-phone. In this gallery, you can save the pictures of your cleaned findings which you can show to others around you.

Backups and Safety 

Over time, your online database will become enriched with your covered areas and your findings. This will make your account extremely valuable. In order to keep your database safe, the Tect O Trak app offers a single-click Backup button. The developers recommend backing up your data every now and then in order to keep the record of your efforts safe.

Using the Application 

There are various things in this application that you should know in order to make the most of this application. Following are the different features of Tect O Trak and how you can operate them.


The foremost thing that you need to do is to have the device locate your exact position. There are two options available in the app that allow you to do that—the GPS only option and the High Accuracy option. You can use either of them to track your location. The former however, uses data or Wi-Fi in order to analyze your position better.

Beginning a Search 

The best practice before starting a search is to map out the area that you want to cater to. Beginning a search is different in both Android as well as in iPhone.

For Android 

In Android, simply tap the ‘New Search’ option from the home screen and select ‘Set Area Markers’. A marker appears. Make sure you set it on the starting point. You have to ensure that you are exactly on point. You can also drag it afterwards by pressing and holding the marker. This way, place markers around the area you want to search. When you put the last marker, press the ‘Finalize area’ option and you’re good to go.

For iPhone 

From the home screen, press the ‘+’ icon. Then name the area you want to search and tap on the screen. This will lay the first marker and you can move forward with the rest of the markers. You will not be able to change the position of your marker later so make sure you adjust them and get them right the first time. Once done, press the black coil on the bottom of your screen and then press the save icon.

Once you have marked your area of search in your Android or Apple smart phone, you can begin your search.

Pausing and Resuming 

Tect O Trak allows for automatic saving. This means that you do not have to save your location or pause it for later continuation. Just click on the ‘Resume Search’ icon. On an iOS, simply click on the coil which will have the pause button appear. Click on it and the recording will pause. Then whenever you want to resume, all you have to do is press the green button in the centre and then the ‘Start Recording’ option.

Saving Your Findings  

When you are tracking buried metal and successfully find a treasure, there is no reason to not take a picture and cherish your finding. Now, instead of closing the application, you can take a picture and save it in the Tect O Trak database. To do this in an android device, simply open the menu and select ‘Record a Find’. After recording your findings, the app will prompt you to enter the location from where it was found. Enter the location, then insert details about your finding, and click on the ‘OK’ button to save it. You can also edit the details of your findings by long pressing the title of the finding you want to edit. This will allow you to change the title and the description of your finding.

For iOS, go to the Record a Find button and click on it. This will open the camera. Take the picture of our finding, edit it using the basic tools offered within the application, and then click on the ‘Use Photo’ option which will take you to screen to place a Findspot Marker. You can either manually select the location where you found the metal, or use your current location (if you are at that spot). Then you will be required to add the title and the details of your finding before you save it.

Other Options 

This is not only it. With Tect O Trak, you also have several other options that make metal detection an even more fun activity. In addition to being able to find and capture the best moments of your metal tracking quests, you can also keep a backup of your profile so you never have to lose your profile and the efforts you’ve made to make it rich.

Tect O Trak also makes metal detection much easier with a variety of additional options like Multi-Colored Tracks or Adding Tracks Manually. You also have a Pathfinder option in the Tect O Trak app. This option will help you figure out the best and the cleanest tracks that you can take. Tect O Trak is free and can be downloaded from an Android or iOS store online.


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