iSmartDetect Metal Detecting App

iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Serious about metal detecting? This is the best metal detector App 2018

Product Description

ISmartdetect Metal Detector App: A must have for every Amateur Archaeologist (Available on Apple’s IOS App Store Now,  Android Version Out Now at  Google Play:

The iSmartdetect application is developed in a way which makes it the best metal detector app 2018.

There has been for long an underlying need for a really good metal detector app that assisted amateur archaeologists with their daily pursuits. An application that not only made to make challenges of professional archaeology easier, but also interesting. The void that was present on the app store from a long period of time has now been filled up by the iSmartdetect app.

The app is the best we have seen for metal detecting. The app beautifully complements the adventurous mindset that you have before going out on your first archaeology trip.

The heights that the application encompasses are only made possible through the use of exemplary features inside the app. The features all merge together to give the perfect rendition of what an amateur archaeologist is looking for on their first expedition. Some of the exciting features present within the application are:

  • A brilliant tool for zooming: The zoom feature incorporated within the pictures that are taken through the camera is just what an archaeologist needs. All you need to do is to take a picture from the in app camera, and then use the brilliant zoom in and out tool to save the picture in whatever forms you want. All of this can be done within the application itself and there is no need to hover around third party or system apps.
  • Stamp the required information: For an amateur archaeologist the most important thing is to have the information regarding the picture stamped on it. Whatever you stamp on the picture can be based on your preferences as there is no steadfast rule. Most people stamp their initials or the date to mark the start of their journey as an archaeologist. You can also stamp the name of the project or the location to make it more interesting.
  • Combine pictures easily: If you feel that you need pictures of both the back and front of a product together, you can use the feasible combine option present within the app to achieve the desired result. The combine option makes studying the pictures once you are back from the trip easier as you have both the sides merged within one photo.
  • Brilliant saving feature: The save and store function present in the application is bound to get you all excited. All the pictures that you take on a day out for a project are saved automatically to the album with the specific project name that you have created. The save and store function is an interesting one, as it makes sure that there are no photos that get lost during the expedition. Everything is perfectly organized as you can leave the hassles of saving, storing and organizing your data in the hands of the application.
  • Retake a photo comfortably: You do not need to take multiple photos to get the perfect shot, as a photo can be easily retaken through the application. The hassle of taking too many photos and putting a burden on your storage can be too much at times, and is best avoided. Thus the retake option gives you the liberty of not compromising on the perfection of the photo, while simultaneously not burdening your storage as well.
  • Automatic GPS coordinates: GPS coordinates are an important part of the project for any archaeologist. Thus, it is indeed very helpful when the application takes a step further by providing automatic GPS coordinates on every photo that is being taken through the camera. The GPS coordinates along with the project name and date differentiate every photo from each other, and reduce the hassle associated with finding the place where the project took place, once it is over.

Along with the exemplary set of features, there are various tools available that are bound to make the application extremely interesting and helpful for you. Some of the tools present in the application which make you customize your archaeology experience are:

  • Send an email directly: Pictures taking during the expedition can be directly sent through email to a list. This tool can be activated easily and once activated; you will not have to cater to every picture separately.
  • Make notes within the app: You can make all important notes within the app, to track the movement that you are making during your archaeology expedition. The notes can contain a list of to-do work, or might even contain a brief overview of what you are going throughout the trip.
  • Predefine text: You can predefine the text that you want to use with a photo. If you are working on a project that is going to remain the same for the coming few hours, you can predefine the text that you want to be used along with the pictures. The customization would not only save you time, but would make sure that the text along with the photos looks monotonous and free of any errors.
  • Name your projects accordingly: You can name the projects that you are embarking on. Considering that an archaeologist is embarking on a lot of expeditions, separate names for each project might come in very useful.
  • An interesting multi-user tool: The multi-user tool means that the same account can be logged in through different phones at the same time to keep in track with the progress made on the project. The function comes in very handy when you are working on the project with an archaeologist friend and need to keep in track with whatever the other member of the team is doing.

The application is a culmination of the best tools and functions that an archaeologist wants. The top notch technology gives weight to the view that iSmartdetect is not only useful for amateur archaeologists but also for professional archaeologists. There is a premium version available, which when purchased can promise a lot more. The functions that will be available once you make an upgrade to the premium version of the application are:

  • Exemplary back up services which ensure that your data never gets lost
  • Real time sync for the multi user function
  • Photos available for download in the multi user mode
  • The premium version is renewable every month
  • The first three months of the purchase are free, and you will have to give a minimal charge of $0.99 for the remaining months
  • The GPS data will be encrypted for your privacy and safety
  • Photos will automatically show up on the map to mark places that you have already been too
  • The files can be cloned between as many IOS devices as you want

All in all, both the basic and the premium version of the iSmartdetect, metal detecting application, offer exemplary ease to an archaeologist on the go. The benefits are not limited and can be extracted by both professional and amateur archaeologists.


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