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One of the most enticing hobbies in the world is treasure hunting. So much so, that a lot of people today have started taking this passion as a profession. Everything about this hobby is fun.

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One of the most enticing hobbies in the world is treasure hunting. So much so, that a lot of people today have started taking this passion as a profession. Everything about this hobby is fun. However, the most enthralling aspect of treasure hunting is when you actually go on to discover something. The adrenaline rush you face at that moment is inexplicable.

If you are a newbie at treasure hunting, you can make use of several different gadgets and applications that will help you in your quests. One of the very popular applications in this regard is the GO-FIND app.


This is one of the most contemporary applications that greatly assist you in finding different treasures. Using it is actually one of the best ways to get your hands on something valuable. This application helps you find the potential locations where you can go and dig treasure out.

However, in order to use this application, you will also need to purchase the GO-FIND 40 or the GO-FIND 60—both of which are compatible with the application. Following is a brief detail of what both of these are.


It is a gadget that allows you to detect treasure hidden deep underneath your feet. It is among the best detectors available in the market, especially for a newbie. This is mostly due to the comfort and ease of use that it offers.

Reasons to Integrate GO-FIND 40 

Following are a few reasons why GO-FIND 40 is the perfect gadget to be used with the GO-FIND application.

  • Among the major reasons why you should use a GO-FIND 40 with this application is that it is 20% lighter than most other detecting devices available in the market.
  • It allows you to detect a valuable metal prior to digging it out. This is due to its red/green light feature where green is the indication of higher-value metals.
  • It does not require any adjustments when moving from terrain to terrain. With its auto-adjustment feature, you can simply move from grass to sand without any hassle.


The other gadget that the GO-FIND app can be integrated with is the GO-FIND 60. This is an up-a-notch detector that not only helps you find treasure from the trash, but also allows you to access several additional options on your smart phone in the GO-FIND application.

Accessible Features 

Following are the additional features in the application that you get access to as you integrate and use the GO-FIND 60 with the GO-FIND application.

  • When you use this gadget, you have the option to customize your application tones. In addition to that, you also have the option to customize detector tones in the application.
  • You have access to the advanced settings which is not an option available while integrating with any other investigative gadget.
  • The best thing about using the GO-FIND 60 with the GO-FIND application is that you don’t have to constantly keep accessing the detector for any settings. You can easily control your detecting gadget with your cell-phone.

Things that the GO-FIND app Offers 

The GO-FIND app is a contemporary application built to help new and interested treasure hunters in developing their skills and expertise in the area. There are a lot of ways it helps users in finding useful metals. Let us go through a few of the things that make your treasure hunting experience far better than it already is.

Time Saving 

One of the greatest benefits of using this application is that it saves you a great deal of time while hunting for treasure. A key way of doing that is by helping you identify the material buried underneath before you start digging. This is possible due to the discrimination feature this application has. With the help of it, GO-FIND app detects the target on two major basis— conductive properties and ferocious properties.

Items that are not easily attracted to magnets are considered as ferocious items and are not recommended by the application to dig up. The products that have conductive properties, on the other hand, respond well to the characteristics of the metal detector. This makes it far easier to identify if the target is valuable enough to look for or not.

Better Detection 

Detection of objects is all about different frequencies. Some detectors have high frequencies, which means that they can easily detect small valuable metals but won’t be able to search deeper into the ground. The ones with lower frequency can search deeper into the ground, but are not very good at detecting smaller objects.

The GO-FIND app and its metal detectors, however, are one of the few detectors that are good at both, finding small metallic objects while also being able to detect them deeper in the ground.

Entertainment on the Go 

While treasure hunting is already enticing enough to keep you indulged in it, if you get bored while on a treasure hunt for longer periods of time, the GO-FIND app is great for you. This is because this application allows you to listen to songs through the application while on the hunt.

Share Findings 

If you have successfully found a treasure—be it a coin or a ring—you deserve recognition. This is what GO-FIND app takes into consideration. This is why you can very easily share whatever you find with your friends. You also have the option to record your find on Google Maps for others to know about it. This adds to the fun of treasure hunting and makes this hobby/profession even more appealing.

Regular VS Pro 

There are two versions of the GO-FIND app available in the market. You can either get the regular version for free, or purchase the Pro version from within the application. The pro version adds some extra features to the application like remote control access for the detector and advanced settings menu etc.

Another way you can get your hands on the paid version of this application is by getting the GO-FIND 60. Just as you integrate your regular version of the application with this gadget; it will automatically get updated to the pro version.

Getting the Application 

The GO-FIND application is very easy to get. It is available on both the Android and iOS stores. You can simply type “GO-FIND” into the search bar and the application will appear. If you are not able to find this application in the store due to regional restrictions, you can also download it from this link. The GO-FIND app is tested and works perfectly over a wide variety of Samsung devices, iPhone models, Motorola Moto E, Sony Xperia Z2, and HTC M7 and M8.




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