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Geo Detecting Treasure

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Product Description

Treasure hunting is a hobby that has now become quite popular. Back in the day, when metal detecting technology was unheard of, treasure hunting used to be a part of people’s fantasies only. The adventurous souls quenched their thirst for treasure hunting by making their own trails and hiding things randomly. However, you do not have to go through all that trouble now because thanks to the new technology, you can go on real treasure hunts using metal detection. In fact, you can make it easier and more fun by treasure hunting with Geo Detecting Treasure.

What is Geo Detecting Treasure? 

Geo Detecting Treasure is a website that offers the treasure hunter a lot of features to make things easier for them. It allows you to make caches where you can save your favorite spots for treasure hunting. You can hide this information from other users but this will appear on the app on your cell phone. The treasure hunting application offered by Geo Detecting Treasure comes with built-in GPS and maps as well. You can access these maps in different viewing formats as well.

What does it offer? 

Various features offered by Geo Detecting Treasure include GPS, geo coaching, metal detecting, scavenger hunting and History Data Collecting. You can look for and find caches for your treasure hunting adventures too. This website is the brainchild of William Kawa. It was established in the year 2011 and is specially designed to cater to the needs of people who love to go on an adventure, indulge in outdoor activities, explore the world, have strong patience, love solving puzzles, and prefer to indulge in a good game of hiding and finding rare and unique items such as good value caches and valuable materials.

The owner and developer of the website has a keen interest in and a burning passion for geocaching, scavenger hunting, and metal detecting. This keen interest of his led him to develop this website in order to make things easier for the treasure hunting community out there. They put a lot of effort into mapping out all the ideas and it took quite a lot of dedication on their part that led to the formation of this amazing website.

How does it work? 

The Geo Detecting Treasure website is very creative and works by playing on the weaknesses of the treasure hunters—caches. You can create caches and then share them with your friends or family. If that sounds very basic, you can even create a cache and leave it for other members of the website to figure it all out. Sounds like a treasure hunt of your own, right. The best part is that the cache gods will be rewarding you for your work if you hide a cache for other members of Geo Detecting Treasure.

Caches, Clubs, and Maps 

You can create caches and hide the information while at the same time recording it for your future use. The information of your cache on the website will be linked to your application. It will appear on your device when you are out there looking for your treasure. You can hide, find, as well as share caches.

If you have always wanted to create or be a part of the treasure hunting club, then this is an amazing chance for you to do that. It is extremely easy to be a part of the Geo Detecting Treasure community. All you need to do is join the crowd by clicking on the “Join Now” button available on their website. Once you do that, you will be able to have full access to all the features available at the website. These features include creating clubs as well. The clubs can work on the basis of a rating system as well. You can also create events and have fun with the rest of the members of the treasure hunting community.

Geo Detecting Treasure offers GPS-based information of maps. These include maps of hotspots and locations that are likely to hold a lot of metallic items for you to dig and find. With these maps right at your fingertips, it will be very easy for you to locate the metals.

Moreover, saving this information on your device will allow you to access it later even when there is no internet for you to get access to the locations.

Features Available for Personal Use 

With Geo Detecting Treasure, you can create logs of information for personal usage. These logs can contain a variety of information related to your treasure hunting adventures such as photos, video, text, voice recordings, GPS coordinates and maps, important locations, and other information.

You can share the information using any method such as Bluetooth, messaging, social media, and through emails. Share it with your friends, family, or save it for your personal use later on. Name your files and save them. Either you can go for the sharing option or you can keep them private as per your wish. You can edit the saved information according to your new findings as well. Delete the obsolete information and add the new one. Flag your hot spot and find it easily when you are on your treasure-hunting mission.

Why Geo Detecting Treasure  

The first reason to use Geo Detecting Treasure for your adventures is that it is easy to use. The website is aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to find a location and search for specific country and currency. It will give you coordinates to help you locate the desired place.

Other major reasons for you to use this amazing website dedicated to treasure hunting include the prize caches and the thrill they provide while hunting for them. Hide caches and find caches to receive these prize caches, which are of real value. You can locate the caches on the website before you actually go to look for the booty outside. It will appear right on your computer screen on a map. The website uses advanced metal detecting technology, data cataloging, GPS, and geocaching.

Moreover, you can get your entire user preferences in one place by using this website. You can save information in almost any form including the usual text to videos and from voice recordings to pictures. You can share this information using almost any application as well. Moreover, you can access it even when the internet is not accessible, once you have saved it.

Geo Detecting Treasure is just your thing if you are passionate about finding a cache(s), finding historic information, scavenger hunting, Hiking, Trekking, going for easy or difficult walks in the parks and along the beaches, metal detecting, GPS, and geocaching.


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