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1.3 Updated: Jun 18, 2012
iOS 4.2 or later, iPhone, iPad

Have you ever heard about treasure hunters and wanted to go on similar quests? You can now find hidden treasure all over the world by means of an epic gadget—a metal detector.

Product Description

Have you ever heard about treasure hunters and wanted to go on similar quests? You can now find hidden treasure all over the world by means of an epic gadget—a metal detector. Get your hands on one and sweep it across various sites to try your luck at finding some valuable hidden treasures buried under the earth. Epic Find can help you with all that and more, but first, let’s begin with the basics.

What is the purpose of a Metal Detector? 

Right now, you may be wondering what a metal detector is and there are even chances that you simply may not be aware of its use in finding treasure. This may surprise you (or not), but metal detectors have many more uses aside from just detecting metallic weapons during security checks at airports, court houses, and shopping malls. They can be used for tracking rare metals as well.

The Working of a Metal Detector 

A metal detector works by making use of the electromagnetic principle. It has a sensor attached that is capable of finding the presence of metal in the vicinity. As the sensor reacts to the presence of metal, it gives out an electromagnetic signal, which is caught and magnified by a receiver. This can either be manifested in the form of an audio signal that can be heard on headphones or it can be recorded on a meter. The higher and closer the presence of metal in the surroundings, the greater will be the signal. Once you hear the signal, you will know which place to target. This is the simple working of a metal detector.

Metal Detector Applications 

The principle of metal detection can be used for locating any type of metal in most mediums. While the most common usage of metal detectors is in the field of security, there are several other fields in which it is being used nowadays. The amazing electronic device has found various uses ever since its development back in the 1960’s.

Metal detectors are used in the food industry for detecting the presence of any toxic heavy metals in the food. Similarly, metal detectors are also used for archaeological purposes, determining the geophysical conditions of a place, and for de-mining. They also have extensive usage in the mining prospecting industry. They were also used on battlefields for the detection of land mines.

However, one major use of metal detectors in today’s world is for tracking treasure, which might be hidden underneath the ground.

Treasure Hunting—an Ideal Hobby 

Do you know that treasure hunting is a huge phenomenon right now? Previously, it had only been a fantastical concept developed via fiction but now, it is a reality. All of this can be attributed to the amazing advancement in the metal detection technology. Despite having several applications in various industries, metal detectors have made huge progress with treasure hunting, which is now considered as a hobby shared by families as well as solo travelers.

One major question that comes to the mind of treasure hunters before they go for hunting is which place would be ideal for their activity.  There are various places that can be explored for digging purposes. You can go to an ancient locality to look for coins and ancient relics. Churches are ideal when you are looking for an unexpected treasure since most of them were built ages ago. Beaches, old parking meters, and movie cinemas are also ideal sources to find some coins as money is exchanged in such areas.

With its vast impact in the world, it was essential that some rules should be made to keep the activity in check. Therefore, according to the laws that vary at minor levels among different countries, you are supposed to be insured by an authority before you can dig a location for your treasure hunting activities. This is for your own safety, since in the case of damage to the property; the insurance will reduce down the cost of repairs paid to the owner. Attempting to dig a private property without insurance or permission of the owners will be considered as trespassing.

Treasure Hunting with Epic Find 

Do you know that treasure hunting has been made fun and easy now? All you have to do is download this amazing application on your iPhone and you will find treasure troves revealing their existence right at your fingertips.

Epic Find is an exciting application that you can carry anywhere with you. Have your metal detector right in your pocket and quench the thirst of your adventurous soul with Minelab Epic Find. The amazing application makes use of your phone’s camera in order to simulate real-life detection and provides the user with audio indications.

These signals are specialized and help the user in distinguishing between various types of treasures including mysterious relics, the Sheriff’s Remains, and Golden Nuggets. The epic application allows you to unlock five different metal detectors available at Minelab—a world class name in the metal detection industry. They allow the enthusiastic treasure hunter to access and hunt across four popular locations all over the world.

Amazing Features of Epic Find 

Epic Find provides several exciting features. It is designed to make treasure hunting extremely easy for the users, who love looking for treasure around the world. Some of the amazing features offered by Minelab Epic Find are as follows:

•    Efficient Detection Software 

Minelab Epic Finder offers a very efficient detection method. All you have to do is scan the ground with your phone and the software uses the camera to sense the presence of metal and notifies you with an audio signal.

•    Specialized System 

The application offers a pinpoint mode. This means that once the target materials have been detected, they can be pinpointed only by running a finger over the tiles and listening in for the tunes. The application software also enables you to differentiate between different metals by assigning a different target ID (TID) on the detector interface. It also helps the user in strategizing which dig should be pursued first.

•    Dig with Epic Find 

Now that the tile have been arranged for you to dig, do it by tapping the tiles. Every individual tap will reveal the find. However, always be frugal with your tapping attempts since the battery life on the detector will be limited and the patience level can also dwindle on your part. Therefore, it is better to be choosy with your taps.

•    Different Locations 

Another amazing feature of the Epic Find app is that it is customized to work in four different locations. The user can hunt for the special pirate booty in Florida’s tropical islands, for historical war relics in Virginia’s battlefields, for the western relics in the mountainous deserts of Arizona, and for gold on the western Australian coast.


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